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Shelbyville Heating and Air Service & Maintenance

Is your Furnace, air conditioner, or HVAC broken? Do you need heating or cooling repair?  Call us. We can fix it. We service all brands. Our HVAC repair service applies to all  types of systems, homes, condos, apartments, and even industrial repair.  Our phones are  answered by a real human being.  We will schedule a highly trained Shelbyville service rep to come to your home and fix what is broken.

When your heating and cooling system needs to be fixed,  it can be a hassle. We cut through the hassle by providing quick, professional, hassle-free repairs with straightforward billing. You know what you are paying for with no hidden fees or charges. Call us. We will respond  quickly to get your house or condo back to the comfort level you deserve. The service rep will show you what is broken and whether anything needs replacing. Sometimes a simple adjustment will work.  And sometimes a full repair with replacement parts will be needed. Our local reps can quickly figure out what is broken and determine the most efficient and cost effective way to fix it.

Emergency Repair – Shelbyville, KY

Do you have an emergency repair? Let us know!

Our expert HVAC repair services can make your home comfortable again.

This is true for all types of repair. We service all types of systems. We are experts in heat pumps, gas furnaces, air conditioners, fan coils, thermostats, filters, and greenspeed intelligence.

Scheduled Maintenance

Prevention of problems is important.  It’s a good idea to have your system checked, especially  if you think  that something is not quite right or you hear things that might mean something may be “wearing out”. A quick adjustment  may be all it needs to keep running and prevent a repair in the future.

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