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Model #TP-NAC01

Performance™ Edge® Touch-N-Go® Thermostat


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This versatile and beautiful Edge thermostat can manage any Performance™ or Comfort™ series system. Its slim, wall-hugging design1 gives you up to seven faceplate color options so you can customize your look.

It allows simple, Touch-N-Go programming for one-button, energy-saving, quick settings when you're on the go or ready for sleep.

It's capable of managing temperatures, ventilation, airflow and indoor air quality. This model is configured for systems using an air conditioner for cooling.

Display module is .8" deep and can be attached directly to the wall when its control module portion is installed on furnace or fan coil.

Intuitive, on-screen prompts

One-button Touch-N-Go quick-settings-change feature

Large, illuminated display shows inside and outside1 temperatures and time

Comes with attractive silver faceplate

Intelligent, cooling-comfort staging capable

Auto changeover between heating and cooling

Ventilation management capable

Timed filter and UV lamp replacement reminders

10-year parts limited warranty

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