An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

reduce your energy bills

Not only will a routine checkup help prevent poorly timed breakdowns, but it can also prolong the life of your equipment. This can reduce the overall lifetime cost of your heating and cooling needs.

prolong your equipment life

Routine maintenance can actually pay for itself. By cleaning and calibrating your equipment regularly, you may use less energy, keeping your energy bills in check.

maximize safety

A regular checkup assures that your equipment operates safely by potentially spotting problems before they occur.

Membership Club Benefits:

Things break. With proper maintenance, many problems can be prevented. The Membership Club makes it easy for you to reduce or prevent future problems.

Our extensive checklist focuses on reducing the chance of:

  • Freezing up due to dirty coils (a/c coil blocked by ice)
  • Freezing up due to low refrigerant
  • Upper limit lockout due to restricted air flow
  • Cracked heat exchange coils due to overheating
  • High energy bills due to poorly maintained equipment
  • Compressor failure due to low refrigerant
  • Air conditioning failure due to bad capacitor
  • Hazardous gas leaks due to loose fittings



Our Most Popular Plan

Get a leg up on energy savings and priority service. Routine maintenance for your system. We will schedule a check up in the spring and a check up in the fall plus priority service for round-the-clock peace of mind every day of the year.

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  • Indoor Air Quality Evaluation
  • 26-Point Precision Inspection
  • Energy-Savings Analysis
  • Significant Energy Savings*
  • Increase Appliance Lifetime
  • Thorough Appliance Cleaning
  • Lubrication of Motors
  • Gas Pressure Adjustment
  • Drain Pan Treatment
  • Lifetime Thermostat Warranty**
  • Priority Service
  • Exclusive Offers via Email
  • Free Diagnostic (2 per year)
  • Labor Warranty Discount - 15%
  • Repair Warranty Discount- 15%
  • Parts Warranty Discount - 15% ***
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

*Energy savings is depending on equipment, conditions, installation of equipment, home insulation, climate and several other factors. Can be up to 30%

**T-stat replaced with digital non-prog T-stat.

***Excluded parts include compressors, heat exchanges, specialty items, applies to rescue motors only, does not include rushed shipping charges.

All equipment must be brought up to sufficient operating status. Bryant reserves the right to refuse any equipment from agreement membership due to age of condition.
Warranty does not cover appliances damaged by neglect, natural disaster, flooding or as a result of a person not employed with Bryant Heating and Cooling.

Stop worrying. Join the Maintenance Club.

It’s important to maintain your systems. Our Membership Club ensures that everything is checked and maintained properly. Join the Club today to help avoid trouble later.

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  • 26-Point Precision Inspection
  • Energy-Saving Analysis
  • Thorough Appliance Cleaning
  • Free Diagnostic (2/yr.)