Because Maintenance Really Does Matter

Membership Club Benefits:

Things break. With proper maintenance, many problems can be prevented. The Membership Club makes it easy for you to reduce or prevent future problems.

Our extensive checklist focuses on reducing the chance of:

  • Freezing up due to dirty coils (a/c coil blocked by ice)
  • Freezing up due to low refrigerant
  • Upper limit lockout due to restricted air flow
  • Cracked heat exchange coils due to overheating
  • High energy bills due to poorly maintained equipment
  • Compressor failure due to low refrigerant
  • Air conditioning failure due to bad capacitor
  • Hazardous gas leaks due to loose fittings
  • "I've had two great experiences with this company in Lexington. Josh S. and Bob P. were knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you!"

    Aileen O’Leary Baker

    Lexington, KY

  • "Want to give a big shout out to Bryant, and David S., for their prompt, friendly, and professional service today!"

    Andy Dages

  • "The two young men who installed our unit were excellent. They were very professional and knowledgeable and worked quickly on very hot day."

    Kathyrine M.

  • "Thank you for such quick installment! My family is very happy with our new A/C! Thanks again!"

    Hannah M.

  • "The employees who installed the unit were very polite and did the work on a timely basis."

    Jeff N.

  • "My house is warm again and that makes me happy!"

    Kathy H.

  • "All techs were very knowledgeable and very polite, explained everything to me. Thank you for the promptness and putting in my new system the next day."

    Tina K.

  • "Chris and the install team very knowledgeable and professional. Derek is an extremely competent and professional technician. We look forward to continuing working with your company."

    Chester A.