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Is your HVAC system broken or not working properly? Call us. Our phones are answered at all hours to get you the service you need quickly. Your HVAC system has many moving parts. Sometimes things break. That’s why we’re here. Call us to handle your Lexington HVAC service needs.

Whether you need maintenance, repair or replacement, we service all brands of heating and air conditioning products. Our specialists are trained to repair all types of systems and to diagnose quickly what is broken  so you can once again be comfortable.  We are experts in heat pumps, gas furnaces, thermostats, air conditioners, fan coils, filters, and greenspeed intelligence.

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. Chances are your home would be much less comfortable without this modern convenience. Even a little hiccup in the system can lead to less than comfortable conditions in your home.  An aging or intermittently failing part can lead to the system running for longer periods or running noisily. This reduces efficiency. Systems that are not working properly can lead to higher heating or cooling bills. Our Lexington HVAC service reps are trained to fix broken heaters and malfunctioning air conditioners. They can also recommend improvements that can lead to more efficient and longer term operation.

Is your situation an emergency repair? Let us know! Call us and we can work to get you the repairs you need, when you need it.

It is also a good idea to call if you suspect your system is not working properly. Maybe something just doesn’t seem right. Sometimes, it’s better to take care of an issue before something breaks. You might avoid needing to call us in the middle of the night or other inconvenient time. For HVAC repair in Lexington, give us a call.  (859) 317-6009


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