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When your furnace isn’t working, you need a fast professional furnace repair service. We are located in Lexington to give prompt service. Call us. A person, not a machine, will answer your call. We know it is important to you that you can talk to a live person. A live person ensures that nothing is lost in translation. If your furnace is broken, we listen so we can send the right service rep. Right away. Our goal is to get your heating system working again; quickly.

We are experts in heating and air conditioning.

Cold, frosty winter days can be fun when you have a cozy warm house, a good book and cup of hot tea.  But, it can be downright miserable, and even dangerous,  if your furnace is broken.

Furnaces and heating systems stop working for a variety of reasons. We train our service reps to quickly figure out and diagnose the problem. Sometimes it’s a part that has broken. Sometimes, things get out of adjustment. Our service reps are trained to show you what is needed and discuss the fix with you. This can range from a quick fix by fine tuning something all the way to the replacement of major subsystems. Either way, you will know upfront what the recommended course of action is before any repairs are made.  We are tops in Lexington furnace repair.

Experts in fixing furnaces – Lexington, KY

Bryant Heating & Cooling offers residential furnace service in Lexington on all brands of air conditioners, heat pumps, furnaces, fan coils, and thermostats.

We service units for homes, condos, apartments and mobile homes.

We are your heating and air conditioning experts offering professional quality service and affordable rates. Whether you need maintenance, repair or replacement, we service all brands of heating and air conditioning products.

Our goal at Bryant Heating & Cooling is to deliver not only top of the line service, but also top of the line quality Carrier products.

Contact us anytime of the day or night, weekends or holidays, one call and we’re on our way!  (859) 317-6009


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