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When it’s hot, you want your air conditioner to work. Period. That’s why our air conditioner and heat pump installation specialists are trained to properly install and maintain your unit. We understand the unique requirements for the Cincinnati area. For the Cincinnati and northern Kentucky area, we will recommend a modern high efficiency air conditioner or heat pump. It’s important that the unit is sized properly for your house. Bryant Heating & Cooling has the years of know-how to expertly equip your house and keep your equipment operating smoothly for many years to come. Modern efficient heat pumps and air conditioners use energy wisely and with proper care can work for years of hassle-free service.

Heat Pump
Heat pumps do double duty. They heat your house in the winter and cool your house in the summer. In the cooling cycle, a heat pump works just like an air conditioner to remove heat from your home and refresh your environment with cool, comfortable air. In the heating cycle, the unit reverses the refrigerant flow and heat is extracted from the outside air to heat your home. While this sounds a little strange to extract heat from the outside on a cold winter day, today’s heat pumps are surprisingly efficient and provide a high level of comfort. With rising utility costs, it may be time to consider replacing your heat pump with an energy-saving unit. Also something to consider is a Hybrid Heat system, which combines a gas furnace with electric heat pump. This leads to comfort, economy, and flexibility. Hybrid Heat systems cycle between electric and gas heating to keep your home comfortable while using the optimum cost fuel source for a higher economic benefit. Contact us today for a free estimate!

Our air conditioner sales staff can discuss what you need for a successful air conditioner or heat pump installation so you can start to beat the heat in Lexington.

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